What amazes me is that 10 years ago they were pumping out seriously good looking concepts. Mark 9, Continental, Navicross, Mark X, MKR...what happened to those aside from becoming the Zephyr and MKS? » 3/31/15 12:07pm Yesterday 12:07pm

I've had that creepy Bond Theme in my head for days now. Good thing the older movies have been on for me to get my fix. I also rewatched Quantum to have some context for this movie. » 3/30/15 10:19am Monday 10:19am

I love 911s and am generally a purist with cars in general, but I just dig the look of these things. That 993 in particular looks fantastic. Given the name and fact that he tunes Porsches, I actually thought RWB was a German firm for quite some time. » 3/27/15 8:18pm Friday 8:18pm

What's out of the ordinary about this? It looks like a subtly massaged current Optima, and I even see some Camry or TSX in the headlights, but most of what we see here is fairly generic. In fact, the only standout feature of the current car is the C-pillar treatment. As for the rest of their range, they're all pretty… » 3/26/15 10:13am Thursday 10:13am

3rd: you should see these fucking rust bucket KJ and ZJs that are coming in for the hitch recall. The Libertys are newer so they're not quite as bad, but damn near every ZJ that has come in is a massive pile of shit, the recall being the least of it's safety concerns. » 3/25/15 10:14am 3/25/15 10:14am

So you mean to tell me that there is someone out there impersonating a cabbie. That you can outfit a car to look like a cab but actually not be a cab? Just imagine what other sectors this sort of behavior could leak into. » 3/23/15 3:35pm 3/23/15 3:35pm